Thursday, October 9, 2008

What a Wonderful World.....

It has been really crazy around here and i have noticed that our leaves on our tree in the front yard are starting to change color and if its happening here, just imagine what the canyons hold. We watched the first session of conference on Saturday and recorded the 2nd . We went for a drive to see the colors. We headed to Aspen and went to a place called Red Stone which was so pretty . They have a little town in the canyon with cute little houses. The pretty red rock and red sand was a pretty contrast to the green pines and splashes of yellow and orange and red here and there. It was raining so the colors weren't as bright as it is when its nice and warm. We then headed up McClures Pass Which was breath taking and the colors weren't that bad either. The road is really steep, and the switch backs are really tight,but the colors were really pretty. You had tons and tons of Green pine trees and then yellow splashes which looked more like Fireworks shooting up every where. we went to lunch in a little town called Paionia which i am told that they have wonderful fruit orchards, i could see some but we didn't have time to stop, Rick had to get back for the Priesthood session. It was so fun just being together and really seeing how Colorado is really like the signs says . " Welcome to Colorful Colorado "

Red Stone

Red Stone. You can kinda see the Red Sand in this Pic.

Starting up McClures Pass

The weather was rainy and cold and the pics really don't show just how beautiful it was up there. The clouds covered a lot, I am so glad we went because i heard that it snowed the next night and i am sure that most of the yellow leaves are off the trees, now its a mini winter wonder land.

Born To Be Wild

Uncle Dave and Rick

Rick's Aunt Polly and Uncle Dave ( who live in North Carolina) called to let us know that they were going to be in Salt Lake for some meetings and they wanted to stop by and say hi. They had their bikes shipped over to Salt Lake (ouch, that had to cost ) and decided to take a Bike ride home. This part of Colorado was not on their way and the closet place where we could meet was Moab. Rick left work early and we headed to Moab ( 2 1/2 -3 hours away). We had dinner with them and went out for Ice Cream afterward and visited with them until we had to head home. It was so nice to see them it has been awhile. Their Bikes were really sweet and rick tries to talk me into getting him one. I tell him that his Dirt bike is just enough. The kids loved the bikes and thought that Polly and Dave were cool . we had such a good time, the long drive was worth the 2 hours that we visited with them. I hope it won't be long until we see them again.

Kylie is looking pretty sweet, but check out Tanner's face we could not have planned it any better. He looks the part, you will see a tooth pick in his mouth, dad's shades and the cool thunder birds stare. And Yes, he did try to start the Bike, which Uncle Dave helped him with.
(click on the pic so you can see his face better)

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